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Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction is carried out if repairing a decayed or damaged tooth isn’t practical. Another reason might be to carry out some other treatment; it gets necessary to remove the tooth. Tooth extraction also referred to as exodontia, involves the removal of a tooth from its socket in the jaw bone. But before conducting any extraction, the dentist gives every effort to save your tooth by repairing or restoring.  

What are the reasons for tooth extraction?

Severe Tooth Trauma/Damage: The condition of some teeth might be worse due to extensive decay or damages like being broken or cracked. For such teeth, repairing is not possible. Such as, the teeth that are affected by the periodontal disease will have to be pulled out. 
Mispositioned/Nonfunctioning Teeth: Dentist might suggest removing misaligned teeth or teeth that oppose the right bite. It is better to avoid any future complications that can have a negative impact on oral health.
Orthodontic Treatment: For orthodontic treatment, like braces, the dentist might need to remove the teeth to make space for a better teeth alignment.
Extra Teeth: Supernumerary teeth or the extra teeth might block other teeth from getting erupted.
Radiation: In order to avoid complications in head and neck radiation therapy, sometimes the extraction gets necessary.
Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy can weaken the immune system, which can risk having tooth infections, so extraction becomes essential.
Organ Transplant: Immunosuppressive medications that are prescribed after organ transplantation can risk having a tooth infection. In some cases, the removal of teeth gets before an organ transplant.

What are the advantages of tooth extraction?

The following are the advantages of extraction:
  • Through tooth extractions, a broken, severely decayed, or cracked teeth, which is painful, can be removed. Such a situation can sometimes give you embarrassing moments.
  • Teeth that have the periodontal disease can be extracted.
  • Teeth that get too damaged and cannot even get a root canal treatment are removed. 
  • The teeth that are badly positioned or nonfunctional can be extracted.
  • A room for new teeth or a complete Smile Makeover can be made by tooth extraction.
  • Through sedation or sleep, dentistry can help in eliminating dental anxiety, pain, and stress while carrying out the procedure.

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