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Botox is a biocompatible chemical agent used in the treatment of various dental and cosmetic issues. As dentists, we not only diagnose and treat the oral tissues but also look into the comprehensive treatment of the facial and surrounding muscles. The procedures can either be intended to improve the facial appearance or the functionality of the mouth.

What is Botox, and how do they use it in dentistry?

You may have heard people getting Botox injections to enhance their facial features, such as the lips, cheeks, etc. But, did you know that Botox can be used for various other procedures? Botox is used in dentistry to help repair aesthetics of the face, high lip lines for people who face difficulty with dentures, lip augmentation, teeth grinding /clenching, etc. This is a very popular, minimally invasive treatment.

How does Botox work?

Botox contains numerous molecules that attach themselves to the nerve endings present in the injected region. Once this happens, the nerves wouldn’t be able to transmit signals to the adjoining muscles, thereby preventing their contraction. Further, it eases the stress in the muscles and joints and reduces the sensation.

How does Botox help stop the causes of teeth grinding /clenching?

Teeth grinding/clenching, if neglected, can lead to bruxism. But our dentist in Vida dentistry administers Botox to the muscles causing teeth grinding. If you are waking up with a chronic headache or jaw pain, or are grinding your teeth while asleep, then instead of neglecting any of those signs, you should immediately visit your dentist and discuss ways to alleviate the problem.

If you do not get the problem treated, you might eventually end up causing a significant amount of damage to your oral health.

TMJ or temporomandibular joint problems occur due to stress, as that makes the muscles tenser. Due to this problem, you might face discomfort while chewing, talking, speaking, etc. Botox will make TMJ joints and muscles feel relaxed, providing relief to the pain.

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