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Snap-on Smiles

The Snap-On Smile can make your teeth look better with convenience, speed, and affordability. The space from a missing tooth can be hidden, short teeth can be elongated, gaps between the teeth, crooked teeth, chipped teeth, and much more can be fixed as well. But the Snap-On Smile is not recommended if you have unhealthy teeth and gums. 

Who is a good candidate to have a Snap-On Smile?

The Snap-On Smile cannot be used all day, or for everyday use. To qualify in having a Snap-On Smile, you need to have healthy teeth and gums. Being the most frequently asked question, you can get this treatment, if:
  • You want to have a test smile makeover on you before committing a cosmetic procedure to enhance your smile. 
  • You wish to have a better attractive smile for major social occasions, like a wedding, or photographs.
  • You can use a meantime smile while waiting to complete another restoration, like dental implants.
  • You lack time to have a more permanent smile makeover.
  • You are really worried about going through an invasive cosmetic dentistry process.
  • You are already having treatment for some chronic health problems and so cannot undergo invasive dental procedures but still wish to have a better smile.

Why should you choose Snap-On Smile over other cosmetic procedures?

People who want a quick and affordable smile makeover, then the Snap-On Smile, is beneficial. This procedure is also a better and more attractive alternative to porcelain veneers. It takes about two weeks for your Snap-On Smile to get ready, which is quite fast. If you are having any kind of anxiety about drilling, getting shots, or feeling pain, then this treatment is perfect and non-invasive.

How does having Snap-On Smile feel like?

The Snap-On Smile is like a device that you can snap in and out of your mouth. It is quite comfortable to wear. It covers your teeth but not your gums. You can comfortably eat while wearing your Snap-On Smile. But after the meal, you definitely need to remove and clean it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can affect your natural teeth, as, if the food particles accumulate here and there, it can cause plaque and therefore you will be at risk of having tooth decay.

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