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Periodontal Disease

Maintaining optimum oral hygiene is essential to keep a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. Sometimes, despite brushing and flossing the teeth thoroughly, bacteria tend to get deposited in the remote corners of the mouth, such as the anterior teeth, occlusal grooves, and hard-to-reach spots. These areas most often become breeding grounds for microbes, leading to the formation of dark tartar deposits.

What is tartar?

Have you ever noticed dark patches on your teeth close to the gum line, or at the intersection of two teeth? These are nothing but microbes that have been getting deposited for a prolonged time. Initially, it starts as a transparent layer of bacteria called plaque. Eventually, if not removed at regular intervals, it goes on to form tartar. Tartar is the primary cause of gum diseases, cavities, root canal infections, and several other oral infections.

What is periodontitis?

The microbes in tartar release toxic acids while feeding on the food debris in the mouth. These acidic substances can erode the enamel to cause cavities, and even decay the soft gum tissues to cause gum diseases. It starts as a mild inflammation of the tissues, redness, and pain. At this stage, the condition is termed as gingivitis. Patients should get dental attention and have the disease treated to avoid further complications. If left unattended, gingivitis usually turns severe and goes on to become periodontitis. It is one of the most devastating oral conditions that can affect your entire oral health and is sometimes known to cause heart diseases as well.

What are the symptoms of periodontitis?

  • The gums could discharge pus and bleed when the blood vessels are exposed.
  • The soft gum tissues will decay, which could make them appear dull in color. They tend to recede below their ideal gum line.
  • The gum tissues could detach from the root structures, allowing the food debris and microbes to enter the deep gum pockets.
  • The disease could spread to the adjoining teeth and jawbone as well. In severe cases, patients may go through jawbone deterioration, which can loosen the teeth from their sockets.
  • The patient will experience severe bad breath.

What is the treatment?

Periodontitis is infamously known to be incurable. With the right treatment, its spread can be stopped, and the decayed tissues can be replaced with healthy ones. The dentist removes the decayed tissues using a high-intensity laser. The tissues will be instantaneously vaporized, and the wounds will be sealed. This process is minimally invasive and doesn’t cause pain or discomfort.
Further, if the volume of tissues in the gums is dangerously low, the dentist may perform a gum graft. In this process, healthy tissues will be extracted from a different part of the mouth and grafted to the receded area. Strong medication such as Arestin may be used to control the spread of the disease by placing it in the gum pockets.

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