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Smile Virtual Consults

The Smile Virtual Consult is of a great benefit for the patients as it offers a baseline smile assessment. It lets the dentist give preliminary answers to all their important questions. You can know what your smile could look like, with this simplest way, even before investing any significant time or money in cosmetic dentistry. You can know about the procedure in advance, that you might have to follow.

What are the important steps followed in Smile Virtual Consults?

For Smile Virtual Consult, there are three necessary simple steps to be followed, such as:
  • Upload your photo onto the secure website.
  • Write on the website the change you want in yourself. It can be a chipped tooth, a slight gap between two teeth, discoloration, or stained teeth. Whatever the problem is, it is essential to understand your exact smile goal, to help you have the smile of your dreams.
  • Get your personalized picture or video with a potential treatment plan. You will get a preview of what your results would be if you get the required treatment. But as soon as you see the change, you would definitely want to have yourself transformed to get that beautiful smile.

What are the benefits of a Smile Virtual Consult?

Advanced digital technology has got a lot of benefits in the field of dentistry. The most significant impact of the Smile Virtual Consult include as follows:
  • Patients wouldn’t have to even get out of your house, to know what cosmetic dentistry can do for your smile.
  • If you have no idea about how you can get transformed with a beautiful and perfect smile, then the Smile Virtual Consult can show in advance how cosmetic dentistry can change your smile.
  • Find out about the type of cosmetic dentistry that you might require, instead of first putting a significant investment.
  • All the information you provide to the website is kept private and secure.
  • The Smile Virtual Consult software is user-friendly and easy to use.
  • The best thing about Smile Virtual Consult is that it is absolutely FREE!

Please schedule an online appointment or call us at (949) 209-8889 to have a virtual consultation with our dentist, Dr. Vida in Orange County, CA.

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