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Biologic Dentist

Holistic dentistry or biologic dentistry is giving treatments to the patient in a biologically safe manner. A person can stay healthy, with good oral hygiene habits. The preventive care given through regular office visits, proper nutrition, and at-home care, can help in having good dental health.

Is there any need to be concerned about mercury in dental amalgam fillings?

Dental amalgams, especially the silver fillings, consist of a mix of different metals in which about half of it is mercury. Biologic dentists are especially concerned about such dental amalgam fillings that contain mercury. Dental amalgams are often preferred for the filling because of their long-lasting property. But these fillings release mercury vapor whenever pressure is applied to them. These toxic vapors are released even while chewing, brushing, clenching your teeth, or while getting a dental cleaning.
So, the biologic dentist intends to use alternative fillings with no mercury and long-lasting property. Do not worry about old mercury fillings anymore, you can get them replaced if you have got one.

What are the other services provided by a biologic dentist?

There are certainly other services provided with holistic dentistry, that is comfortable and worry-free as well, such as:
  • Using safe and natural treatments
  • Radiation exposure produced by digital X-rays is reduced up to 90% as compared to typical X-rays
  • Providing dental fillings that don’t contain any mercury and BPA
  • Laser dentistry processes are performed gently
  • A pen-like device helps in detecting early caries and periodontitis without any need for X-rays
  • Counseling is provided regarding the nutrition value you need to have
  • Overall health and oral health are deeply related and connected with each other

The biologic dentist puts a lot of effort in teaching patients about the value of nutrition and wellness, they need to care for. The dentist collaborates with other dentists/doctors to ensure each patient’s health. The biologic dentist always uses nontoxic materials for a patient’s mouth. This dentist also provides special care to the patients’ emotional health. A craniosacral massage is provided before or after the treatment to reduce stress, also relaxing the facial muscles, and promoting blood flow for better and faster healing. 

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