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Why Should You Go for Laser Treatment to Get Rid of Cold Sores on Important Days?

Why Should You Go for Laser Treatment to Get Rid of Cold Sores on Important Days?

Posted by DR. JOCELYNN VIDA on Mar 29 2021, 11:14 PM

Cold Sores is a common disease that many people encounter. It is caused by the herpes virus, which is also known as recurrent herpes labialis. It is important to note that most people are exposed to the herpes virus. But a very small percentage suffer from recurrent outbreaks. These (Cold sores) are nothing but a small blister on the lip and around the mouth caused by the herpes simplex virus. It can be highly contiguous when a person comes in contact with the fluid from sharing eating utensils, razors, etc., with someone already infected with the virus. 

There are a lot of causes for cold sores. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Trauma
  • Cold weather 
  • Use of steroids 
  • Stress
  • Physical strain 

Laser Treatment Procedure

When it comes to the treatment of cold sores, laser treatment is a very effective treatment during the early stages. The treatment success is often higher amongst the patient who seeks treatment at the onset of the cold sore symptoms. Once you feel the tingling sensation, then you have to schedule an appointment with the doctor. 

It consists of the diode laser, which works by breaking down the nerve cells of the virus. This will give you instant relief and increase collagen production, which helps the patient heal faster. 

The good news is that since it is a laser treatment, it does not touch the skin, and hence the procedure is painless. 

Please note that the best time to take the treatment of the laser is during the tingling stage. When you contact your doctor during the tingling stage, the treatment will be more predictable and effective. Once the treatment starts, both the frequency and intensity of sores will decrease. 

Why go for Laser Treatment?

The laser treatment is very helpful as it will help with the much quicker healing of the symptoms but will not remove the sore on the same day. 

It is important to note that the herpes simplex virus that causes cold sores can never be cured. It remains in your body forever. 

It is important to note that this treatment effectiveness may vary among individuals, and the cold will not disappear on the same day of the laser treatment. If you are someone who gets cold sores frequently then, laser treatment can reduce the number.

Want to know more about laser dentistry to treat cold sores? Call us or schedule an appointment online. 

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