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Three Important Questions To Ask When Going To A New Dentist.

Three Important Questions To Ask When Going To A New Dentist.

Posted by DR. JOCELYNN VIDA on Oct 5 2021, 11:36 AM

Have you recently moved to Orange County and are looking for a new dental practice that can cater to all your dental needs? Or is your long-time trusted dentist just retired, and you have to find a new dentist?

Whether you are 6 or 60, taking care of oral health is very important. And a good, efficient dentist plays an up-close-and-personal role in helping you maintain your oral health through regular dental examinations, teeth cleanings, early identification of dental problems, and providing recommendations for at-home oral care. So, it is vital to find a dental expert who stays up to date with the latest dental technology and with whom you are comfortable. Do your research and ask these questions before choosing your dentist in Orange County. 

Do You Accept My Insurance?

Usually, dental insurance plans cover dental procedures like two dental cleanings each year. Treatments like fillings and X-rays are also covered under most dental insurance plans. At least a part of the cost of other procedures like root canals, dental extractions, implants, and dental crowns are covered by many dental insurance plans depending upon the reason you require the treatments.

So, unless you are ready to pay for your dental procedures out-of-pocket, ensure that you confirm whether your new dentist accepts your dental insurance. Also, inquire about the payment structure and practice policies. If you don't have insurance or if your new practitioner doesn't accept your insurance, you may ask them about various payment plans that let you pay your dental treatments as installments each month as per your budget.

At Vida Dentistry, the cosmetic dentist in Orange County, we accept all major dental insurances. For those without an insurance plan, we offer Vida Dentistry Wellness Club Options to take care of preventive care with a monthly subscription while saving money. 

What is the new dentist's background and experience?

This is very important to know as it directly relates to the quality of dental care you will receive at the dental practice. Learn about where your new dentist was educated, their overall experience as a practitioner, their areas of expertise, the technologies they use, the professional certifications they hold, and so on. You can either get these insights from their websites or directly ask your dental office - the right ones will be happy to give this information.

At Vida Dentistry, the cosmetic dentist in Orange County, Dr. Jocelynn Vida Sustaita, has graduated from the UNLV School of Dental Medicine with a Doctorate in Dental Medicine and excels in cosmetics and oral surgery. She received America's Best Dentist Award 2018 by the National Consumer Advisory Board and is a Certified Lumineer, Snap-on Smile, and Invisalign Dentist. 

Does the dentist receive positive recommendations?

If possible, ask around among your acquaintances to see if anyone has visited the dentist before and whether they have any feedback to offer. Read their online reviews and patient testimonials. Vida Dentistry devotes a page of our website to patient reviews. Read to understand what patients say about the dental practice and the practitioner. 

Finding the Best Dentist in Orange County

Finding the best dentist in Orange County will require a bit of research and homework. Ask these questions and choose the best dentist you can trust for years to come.

For the best dental care in Orange County, call Vida Dentistry at (949) 209-8889 or visit us at 25270 Marguerite Pkwy Suite C, Mission Viejo, CA 92692. 

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