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How Can Bad Breath Be Reduced?

How Can Bad Breath Be Reduced?

Posted by DR. JOCELYNN VIDA on Sep 6 2020, 10:36 PM

Bad breath is quite annoying and can often put one in an embarrassing situation. Individuals with chronic bad breath are usually avoided by people around them, as it can get quite uncomfortable. Here are some simple solutions to keep bad breath to a minimum and maintain fresh breath for longer.

Brush and Floss

Brushing and flossing are the primary line of defense against the microbes in the mouth. They remove a majority of the bacteria from the mouth and keep their growth to a minimum, thereby preventing the deposition of plaque and tartar. Flossing helps to remove the microbes between the teeth, which is quite effective in preventing cavities and gum diseases as well. Brushing and flossing at least twice a day, is necessary to keep bad breath away.

Rinse With a Mouthwash

A mouthwash provides added protection from bacteria in the mouth by entering the hard-to-reach corners of the mouth and eliminating the microbes. It leaves a fresh minty aftertaste, which enhances your breath and keeps it fresh for many hours. You may also rinse your mouth with water to remove the adhered food particles stuck between the teeth.

Scrape Your Tongue

The tongue can house thousands of bacteria, and their number grows quickly as the day progresses. These bacteria leave a coating on the tongue that can cause a foul smell, which is the prominent cause behind bad breath. A toothbrush can be used to gently scrape the tongue to remove the bacteria. If you’re unable to reach the back of the tongue using a toothbrush, you may also use a tongue scraper.

Avoid Foods that Sour Your Breath

When it comes to foods that cause bad breath, onion and garlic are big offenders. In fact, brushing and flossing your teeth after you eat them wouldn’t help either. It is said that the foul smell would last longer as it surfaces from the lungs every time you talk or even breathe. Hence, it would be a wise choice to avoid foods containing them.

Quit Smoking and Chewing Tobacco

If you ever felt the need for another reason to quit smoking, how about a foul breath that lasts for longer than an hour after smoking? Smoking and chewing tobacco dries out the mouth and leaves a bad odor that lingers around for a long time.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Visiting the dentist for routine consultations enables them to conduct a thorough diagnosis of the oral cavity and suggest suitable treatment if necessary. One crucial procedure the dentist performs is dental scaling, which helps to remove the plaque and tartar from the teeth surfaces. This removes harmful bacteria from the mouth, thereby reducing the severity of bad breath. In case you are suffering from chronic bad breath, the dentist may suggest suitable medication to help counter it.

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