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Do I Need A Night Guard?

Do I Need A Night Guard?

Posted by DR. JOCELYNN VIDA on May 11 2020, 11:59 PM

Are you experiencing unexplained pain in the jaws, enamel wearing, or a swollen face as you wake up? It is quite likely that you may be experiencing teeth clenching/grinding at night.
Bruxism or clenching of the teeth is a disorder of the mouth resulted from stress or anxiety. It usually occurs while the patient is asleep. If not dealt with at an early stage, bruxism can eventually wear down teeth, result in jaw pain, spasms, neck pain, facial pain, fatigue, drowsiness, etc. 

When Night Guard Comes To Play

Your physician would examine the mouth to look for signs of damage from teeth grinding. She would recommend wearing night guards during sleep. Nightguards are mouth protectors that patients can easily slide into their mouths before sleep. They function by acting as a barrier between the upper and lower teeth. This helps reduce the tension resulted from teeth grinding. It imparts a cushion-like feel to the muscles in the jaw. We advise that the patient gets custom-made night guards from the dentist.

What are the types of night guards?

Nightguards are of several types, such as:
1. Soft Nightguards
These types of nightguards are mostly used for mild cases of bruxism. They offer great comfort and fit. Patients find it easier to adapt to soft nightguards while compared to their types. They are also feasible.
2. Dual Laminate Nightguards
Dual laminate nightguards are used for moderate clenching of the teeth. These nightguards are rough on the outside and soft in the inside. They can withstand heavy clenching and grinding of teeth, with effective results. 
3. Hard Nightguards
Hard nightguards are designed from acrylic and offer extreme durability. They are often advised for severe cases of teeth grinding and acute disorders of the jawbone, such as TMD. Hard nightguards are durable and prevent teeth shifting.

What are the benefits of wearing nightguards?

Nightguards offer patients many benefits. Read below to understand the goodness of wearing nightguards while you sleep:
1. Prevents enamel damage
Teeth grinding is a common dental condition that occurs while the patient is asleep. The constant friction between the enamel may wear it off. Wearing nightguards can prevent this from happening. 
2. Minimizes the stress and pain on the jaw 
Teeth grinding or clenching of the jaws may add additional pressure on the jawbone and result in jaw disorders such as TMD. Wearing a dental nightguard reduces the tension and pain on the jaws and muscles of the mouth.
3. Prevents chances of headaches
If you are suffering from clenching or grinding of teeth, it may result in headaches and tooth pain. Nightguards can help prevent yourself from experiencing morning headaches and realign your teeth. 
4. Restores sleep patterns
Sleep and dental disorders can mess-up with your sleep. Nightguards can relieve any discomfort and normalize sleep patterns. Patients would be able to experience a stress-free sleep.
5. Prevents the chances of snoring
Clenching of the jaw may create breathing problems by blocking the airway. Once you start wearing a nightguard, it prevents the upper and lower jaws from touching each other and thereby prevents the chances of snoring.

Find out more about the many benefits of wearing nightguards by requesting an appointment with Vida Dentistry. Call our office at (949) 209 8889 or request an appointment online to know further about our services.

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