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Dental Implants: A Perfect Restorative Option for Tooth loss

Dental Implants: A Perfect Restorative Option for Tooth loss

Posted by DR. JOCELYNN VIDA on Dec 24 2021, 08:46 AM

Dental Implants have helped many people obtain a functional tooth. It is an ideal replacement option offered by the cosmetic dentist in Orange County for patients who prefer an improved smile from the treatment. 

Implants are considered an excellent choice due to the wide range of advantages it imparts to the patients. A few of the most important benefits have been listed below.

  • Implants look Natural

Dental Implants mimic the natural teeth of the patient. It is designed to match the shape and size of the patient's teeth. Implants also match the color of the surrounding teeth and fit perfectly inside the mouth.

  • Implants Prevent Bone Loss

A missing tooth can change the shape of your face. The body may reabsorb the bone, which eventually changes the shape of the face and makes the person look older.  An implant helps to support the facial structure of the patient and prevent bone loss. 

  • Implants Make it Easier to Speak and Chew.

Speech impairments and bite conditions caused by a missing tooth can be resolved with dental implants. The bite force is restored as the implant provides a surface for the tongue to press against while talking. It allows you to enjoy your favorite foods as the implant is rooted firmly in the patient's jawbone. 

  • Implants are Low Maintenance Restorations

The patient does not have to follow any special aftercare or use tablets or adhesives to keep the implants clean.  Regular brushing and flossing help to keep them clean and away from dental complications. 

  • Implants Enhance the Patient's Appearance and Confidence. 

Dental implants restore the aesthetic appearance of the patient. It fills the gap created by tooth loss, facilitating a perfect smile. It also enhances the self-esteem and confidence of the patient regarding their smile. 


An implant is an excellent restorative option for patients who prefer long-lasting benefits from the treatment. The cosmetic dentist in orange county analyzes if the patient is an ideal candidate for the procedure after a detailed dental checkup. 

Vida Dentistry, located at Mission Viejo, CA, is equipped with expert dentists and modern technologies that enable the best dental care services for the patients. Call us at (949) 209-8889 and schedule a consultation with the dentist to know more about dental implants and other dental services provided at the practice. 

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